Frank Falco

Ever since I was a teenager, the financial markets intrigued me.  For over years, I’ve garnered enough knowledge and experience to become a profitable trader and want to share my knowledge and experience with others who are serious about navigating the Stock Market successfully.

In the past, I owned an Advertising/Marketing agency in 2005 that was one of the first companies to market through Social Media, it was MySpace.  I would eventually sell my business in 2013.

In 2019, I founded FF Business Consulting which specializes in providing small businesses with the tools and expertise to become successful.  I used the success of FF Business Consulting to branch off and create FF Trading, as I wanted to help more people and expand my reach.  My goal is not to become rich, I want to help people achieve their financial goals and help newcomers to the market navigate it successfully and profitably.  

Once you sign up for a membership, you will quickly find out that I am not only investing in the stock market but also my members.  Now let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways and think outside the box!


Korey Herndon

Korey has worked in various sectors throughout his career. He has worked in the Construction industry, Film/Music industry editing for the MTV VMA Awards and various Cartoon Network shows, and, more recently, in Risk Management, overseeing North-East Operations for a Fortune 500 company. With his enthusiasm for tech and finance, and a job that allowed him to work remotely, he decided to try and master the stock market – something he has always had an interest in for years. He quickly learned that he not only had a knack for day/swing trading, but a passion for it. What started as a family-circulated email of stock picks quickly transformed into a significant sized following who were always eager to follow Korey’s next pick.

He hails from New Jersey in his 120 year old Colonial home, right outside of Philadelphia. Given his diverse background of careers, analytical skills, and hunger for gains, he brings a unique perspective and is a valuable asset to FF Trading.

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