Think Or Swim Scripts


Auto-plotted day trade pivot points to help identify support and resistance price ranges at a glance. These plotted points will help you become a more efficient day trader by enabling you to see potential support and resistance ranges at a glance. Pivot points are a common indicator, but we have customized it to include prices in our pivot points as well as easy to digest dotted lines.


Custom Moving Average script. Our custom moving average will get you trading like the pro’s in no-time. It is designed to reflect the strength or weakness of any given spike or dip. It uses both the 8 and 20 EMA and color-codes the lines depending on strength or weakness. The 8 and 20 EMA are often used in conjunction with Stochastic.


Custom RSI (Buy and Sell Signals) – Our custom RSI will plot buy and sell signals based on proprietary blend of popular indicators. This will provide one more layer of confirmation when determining to enter or exit a trade, especially when used in conjunction with your other indicators.


Custom volume bar. Our custom volume bar is designed to give you all the key volume statistics at a glance. The volume today vs the 30-Day average is comprised into a percentile. The percentile bar is even color coded depending on buying/selling pressure. Bright green means that ticker is seeing “unusual volume”, Red bar indicates that the selling pressure is greater than buying pressure. Dark green bar indicates that the buying pressure is greater than the selling pressure.


VWAP Volume Breakout. A simple yet extremely effective tool. An arrow is plotted on the price axis at the VWAP line whenever a candle has enough volume to break through VWAP. When price is below VWAP it acts as resistance, this is very helpful, since when price breaks through VWAP it is now support and often followed by a spike in share price allowing you to enter early and ride it up.


Auto Fibonacci Lines. A simple code to plot Fibonacci lines on any chart you are viewing in Think or Swim. Fibonacci lines are one of the most popular indicators for finding support and resistance. Great for new traders who are currently getting accustomed to Fibonacci strategy.

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